NOK is a Canarian company that is born as a signature of fashion accessories of great quality, elaborated by hand by the designer Alejandra Azero. It specializes in creating exclusive pieces and small collections of limited edition. NOK has created its own style with its original designs, elegant, timeless and versatile.


At the head of the firm are Alejandra Azero and Guillermo Meca who watch over the smallest detail, not only in each jewel, but also with a corporate image and very unique styles, both the decoration of the stagings in the shops with busts and the Different exhibitors handmade as in packaging, all designed and made by the brand itself.



For its preparation it selects with exquisite care each component, whether natural gifts (semiprecious stones, pearls, corals, amber, shells, seeds, leather, wood, quartz, pyrites, agates ...) or fruit of a handmade work done in a way Individual (lost wax bronzes, glass beads cast in sand forges, terracotta, ...), which make each NOK unique in its components and processing.


First NOK necklace
First NOK necklace

NOK is a millennial culture of black Africa with a great aesthetic sense, thus the link between two cultures that represents this brand between Europe and the African continent is evident, everything leads to classify it as an ethno-chic style. The most original hand is given with its natural materials, pieces made with the most ancient methods and the elegance of the old continent achieving that characteristic and difficult balance.