How can I be sure my NOK jewelry is authentic?

When buying a NOK piece of jewelry, you will receive a certificate of authenticity to prove that the product is authentic.

We are a multi-brand store and would be interested in selling NOK products.

Our customers include exclusive multi-brand stores. If you are interested in being part of the NOK universe, please contact us at : info@nokcollection.com and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Can I place an order from abroad?

Yes, you can. NOK tries to reach all the corners of the world. Our prices include local taxes, but customs policies and import costs vary considerably from one country to another and these expenses must be met by the client. NOK does not take responsibility for the products once they reach customs. This may imply delays.

Can I send an order to someone else?

Yes. You can choose a different address than your own for the delivery of the product. If it is a gift, we can include a personalized message of your choice on one of our cards. We do not deliver to P.O. boxes.

 What will the packaging look like?

Your order will always be sent in our elegant packaging available in different sizes and with its authenticity certificate. NOK gives importance to every detail.

If it’s a gift, during the online-payment process, you will have the option to include a personalized message. 


Will the product I buy be the same as the one I see on the picture?

NOK creates exclusive and small collections of limited edition. Each one of them is unique, as they are handmade. In some cases, our clients might find slight differences. This is because the raw materials are sometimes also artisan or because of the manufacturing process, which may have an influence on the final result. We will never find two NOKs that are exactly the same.

How can I use my coupon or promotional code?

When we have sales promotions, we will give you a discount coupon you may use when placing your order.

What advantages does buying online have?

The advantage of being able to access the NOK universe from any corner of the world. A multilingual online shop links NOK followers to the brand.

Will I receive a special courtesy for being left handed?

At NOK, we try to keep every detail in mind, thinking of your convenience. Please let us know if you are left handed and, depending on the product, we may be able to put the buckle on the left side.

How can I get in contact with NOK if I have a question?

If you have a question you can get in contact with our Customer Service by e-mail at info@nokcollection.com or call us at +34 696976797.